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What is a Permanent Resident?

Permanent Resident (PR) status refers to the immigration status granted to foreign nationals in a country, allowing them to reside and work indefinitely without being citizens. PR holders enjoy most of the rights and benefits of citizens, such as access to healthcare and education. However, they are not entitled to vote in elections or hold certain government positions. PR is often a pathway to citizenship and offers stability and long-term residency in the host country.

The Advantages of Immigrating to Australia

Accept a New Chapter and Learn About the Benefits of Moving to Australia! A thriving economy and a lively, multiracial culture are welcoming to newcomers. Secure five-year permits for permanent residency in Australia so that you and your family can move in peace. Having three years of continuous residence on a PR visa and meeting the requirements for Australian citizenship. You are invited to build a better future in Australia, one that is full with limitless opportunities and a feeling of community. Discover the benefits and settle down in Australia!


(Different types of Visa have different Eligibility)but

The standard eligibility requirements for moving abroad include:


  • All immigration program has specific minimal eligibility standards. Depending on the program you are applying to, you may need to provide documentation to back up the claims you make in your application.
  • Before applying, it is important to verify your eligibility.
  • In general, the applicable authorities will verify your credentials, identity, employment history, and general background.


Step 1: Verify eligibility.

Step 2: Identifying your point total, if necessary (min. 65 points)

Step 3: Utilise Olive Immigration Services to assist you organise the list necessary.

Step 4: Create a profile for your expression of interest.

Step 5: Obtain an Invitation to Application (ITA)

Step 6: Send in the finished application.

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