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Study in Canada, a prime destination for higher education. Renowned universities offer globally recognized education and emphasize pioneering research. Enjoy affordable learning, vibrant campus life, and a secure environment. Explore immigration avenues, work options, and a pathway to a promising future.

Here are some of the top most benefits of studying in the Canada

Research Excellence

Canadian universities foster research by supporting students with innovative ideas, opening doors to abundant research opportunities

Immigration Pathway

Studying in Canada enhances immigration prospects through language, education, and work points. Graduates qualify for Express Entry or PNP streams, offering a pathway to residency.

Dynamic Campus Life

Experience a lively campus ambiance that encourages holistic development and engagement.

Work While You Learn

International students can gain valuable Canadian work experience through the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), lasting up to three years based on program duration.

Internship Advantage

Unlock exceptional internship prospects, enriching academic learning with real-world application.

Eligibility Conditions For Student VISA

Educational background

Academic Standard: Graduation requires a minimum 50% grade from UGC or AICTE-accredited universities.

Timely Completion: Degrees, like a 3-year B.Com., must be achieved within their specified duration.

Engineering Degrees: For instance, a 4-year engineering degree must be completed within four years.

Backlog Limit: Graduation terms should have fewer than 10 backlogs for eligibility.

Continuous Study: Successful graduation should occur without year-backs or breaks in studies.

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