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Experience world-renowned universities, robust educational systems, and prime career opportunities. With access to a diverse range of countries and the single market, Europe offers knowledge and career prospects. Olives Immigration and Services guides students through the European education journey, securing admission to prestigious universities for a promising future.

Top most benefits of studying in the Europe:

Europe beckons with prime advantages for global students:

The choices for European student visas are varied:

European student visas offer various options:

Schengen Visa:

Temporary visa for up to 3 months, extendable and convertible to a residency permit upon program acceptance. Language exam waivers possible.

Long Stay Visa:

For courses exceeding 6 months, includes a residency permit for extended studies.

Common Student Visa:

Most prevalent, obtained after receiving admission offer, allowing entry for specific university programs. Adheres to admission letters and course requirements.

Required Documents For Applying Student VISA

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